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J & J Moving and Storage Company are Agents for northAmerican Van Lines; founded in 1969. J & J Moving and Storage services include residential and commercial moving, secure storage services, professional packing services, as well as the ability to assist you in obtaining packing materials should you decide to pack yourself.

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What Others Are Saying

Pick Parks

Blake (John Lambert, President, J&J Moving and Storage Newnan GA.),
Thank you for your help. I had a real mess!

Kara Miles (2nd Move with J&J Moving and Storage Newnan / Peachtree City )

Tell you your guys did a spectacular job! The move went great, and all the guys did a wonderful job! I also posted my great experiance on Facebook. Thanks Again!

Kristi Thompson Quality Department

Dear Operations Manager:
North American Van Lines is pleased to recognize J&J Moving and Storage Company Inc. for delivering an undeniable level of quality service to our customers.
For Four Consecutive Quarters in 2012, J&J Moving and Storage Company Inc. of Newnan, Georgia has maintained an Excellent Overall Quality rating, an achievement worth recognizing. Your consistent commitment to Quality Excellence has earned you the enclosed 4-Star Quality Award.
Through our iPM Quality Satifaction Process, we randomly select customers who recently moved with North American to respond to various service related questions. The assessment measures how our customers perceive their overall moving experiance and the quality of our service. The surveys received from the customers you serviced have resulted in extremely positive feedback.

Linda Brown

I have moved many times in the past, but I have never had a move that was as pleasant and worry free as you and your crew made it on Wednesday. Thanks. I will see all of you again in four to six weeks.

Linda Brown

(In-Person, day of move) When I decided to move, I was talking to my local book club and 3 of the ladys in the group all recommeded J&J Moving and Storage and had great things to say about your guys.

Ginger Queener

When I decided to move, I was talking to my local book club and 3 of the ladys in the group all recommeded J&J Moving and Storage and had great things to say about your guys.

Lisa Sweeney

Your (JJ Movers) guys are awesome! They did an outstanding job! After while, when we move again we will definately use y'all again, and hope to get the same three guys (J&J Employees, Arlice, Barry, Lamar)

Jennifer Thomasson

As always, they guys did a wonderful job!

J. Stout

J&J Moving and Storage has moved me before and was absolutely wonderful the last time, so I'm back again. I was originally referred by an attorney friend of mine, and was very pleased and impressed with the professionalism of J and J Moving and Storage.

Mr. Shubert

The guys did a Great Job, and were a pleasure to be around. Olan was funny, and made me laugh though-out the move. All the guys are great, and did a wonderful job! Thank you for everything.

Mr. and Mrs. Rynolds

We have used J&J Moving and Storage many times, and yet another Great Move! They recently packed and moved us to storage (for the time being), and as always, we were Very Pleased!

R.D.K, Palmetto Health Council

Tell Blake (J&J Moving and Storage President) Thank You so much. This is our 4th move with J&J Moving and Storage and, he and his team are great guys. Olan is great and really funny, he always makes me laugh. Along with Bernard, Arlis, and all the other men, all great guys, a great team!

A.W. Steed

John (J&J Moving and Storage Newnan GA.) -

Thanks for the great service!

Bob (Robert Blackburn, Newnan Georgia 30263) - Good deeds come back 10 fold

Dear Blake (John Lambert, President, J&J Moving and Storage Newnan GA.),
I cannot place a value on what your friendship and help means, and meant, to me during the 'move' from my mother's house. It is such a difficult time, and by your being there for us. Thanks for being there.
If I can ever help you, I know you'll not hesitate to call me.
Everything made it home safely and your men are to be commended as well. Please thank Miss Margaret for coming over and doing the China (J & J Moving and Storage Packing Service)

Elbert Gloer, Sharpsburg Georgia 30277

Dear Blake (John Lambert, President, J&J Moving and Storage Newnan GA.),
Your organization (NorthAmerican Van Lines) provided me with your moving services for my household goods from Newnan, Georgia to Sharpsburg, Georgia.
I wanted to let you know that the two (2) men, whom you sent to handle my relocation activities, were most efficient and they did a great job for me. Too, they are a credit to your company (J&J Moving and Storage Authorized NorthAmerican Van Lines Agent), and if I need your services (J and J Moving Service) in the future, it would be a pleasure to have these men again to help with any move.
Please express my thanks to these men (Bernard and Claudel).

D. Scott Cummins, Stemberger & Cummins, P.C. - Newnan, Georgia 30264

I just wanted to let you know that Olin, Leroy and James did a really good move for us on that cold, rainy Saturday morning, March 3rd. The moves were difficult going up and down the stairs in both office buildings, and all the guys were very careful, not to mention nice and with a good sense of humor. I kept kidding one of them (who shall remain nameless) about taking the "light load", so we had some fun during the move.
If I can ever do anything for you, or Olin, Leroy or James, please let me know, and take care.
Best Regards,

Mary Beth Christiansen, Bikingstad Hereford Ranch

Thank you - Your men were very helpful and patient - We gave them a tip to share - hope that was OK with you.

Boots Sprayberry

Thank you so much for all you did for us - You made our move too easy for us.

Michael Malcom, Bank of Coweta, Newnan Georgia 30264

Dear Blake (John Lambert, President, J&J Moving and Storage Newnan GA.),
just wanted to thank you and your crew for the great job J&J Moving and Storage did in my recent move from Columbus, GA {to Newnan, GA.}. I enjoyed getting to know you and all the members of your staff. Iappreciate you {...helping to reduce the storage and delivery costs}, that helps me a great deal.
We are finally getting settled and starting to get to know people in Newnan. I hope we have the opportunity to see you around town. Again, thank you for a great job and friendly service.

Judy Farmer, Newnan St. - Franklin GA.

Thank you for all your help -- your guys are GREAT!


I really enjoyed working with you and your mom and appreciate everything you did to get us moved up here.
P.S. - Please give a tip to James Edwards for helping to load. He worked really hard.

Jeff Higgins, Unity Baptist Church - Music Department

I want to thank you on behalf of the entire congregation at Unity Baptist Church for your time and your effort in moving our piano and organ.
We were trying to figure out how we could accomplish it on our own, and then you came along. Sarah is such a sweet lady and such an asset to us. I am so thankful that she sent us you.
This in no way would pay you for your work, but it is a gift from us for your willingness.